Christopher Roberson

DC chef Christopher Roberson

Chef Bio

“If I can make it popular, it can change the world.”

Chef Christopher Roberson’s energy and passion in a kitchen are undeniable. Over his tenure at various Washington, DC restaurants, he has finely tuned his senses of focus, intent and professionalism. Even as he continues to refine his ability and technique, Chef Roberson continually strives to gain new insights and knowledge in the culinary world. His love for cooking is matched only by his insatiable appetite for learning.

The first difficult work he encountered was at the Vidalia restaurant in Washington, DC. Under the leadership of Chef and Owner Jeffrey Buben, Christopher learned the concepts of intent and focus. He grew to understand the professional nature of the business, beyond the basic need for cooking technique. Food was no longer simple preparation; he learned the language of food. Absorbing the vast lexicon, he learned to ‘communicate with the food’. His ability grew into a quick mastery, and Christopher was soon able to manipulate food to match his already formidable imagination. With this profound new level in cooking, Christopher began to apply nuance and subtle touches to shape his dishes. He began to accent what needed accentuated, much like a master tailor applies the gentlest touches to a finely made suit.

Christopher applies just the right touch of magic and whimsy to his work in order to bring the dishes to full fruition. Working in the District of Columbia, he found himself exposed to the cuisines of multiple cultures. As he studied and explored, he began to imbue much of his work with the styles of Japanese, Mexican, Southwestern American, French and Thai cooking. Much of his work bridges the palettes between the cultures, and he continues to blend them into his style.

Chef Roberson’s growth as a culinary artist grew in tandem with his own personal growth. Finding new purpose in the drive to push forward, he also began to appreciate regressions as well. There was no need to continually push forward into walls when new paths would continually open. “Why break yourself? It’s okay to take a step back, when your intent is still progressing towards ultimate growth.” He continues to question and introspect, striving to understand himself to the fullest in order to unlock his potential.

Christopher continued to make leaps and bounds. His work sublimated to a new elegance in the kitchen, but he also grew to understand the positions of leadership. Able to communicate on a friendly and direct level with the staff, Christopher still managed to accomplish any goal set before him with his team. He learned that it was not the ability of the individual, but the collective willpower of the entire team that made their work successful. He began to apply the culmination of his abilities into planning menus, entire restaurant concepts,  and overseeing the general growth of the restaurant, all the while never forgetting the importance of cleanliness, organization, and consistency.

There remain an infinite number of new horizons for Chef Roberson, as his journey is still a young one. However, he is confident that his skill and passion will continue to propel him forward. His excellent grasp over the power of communication, the power of respect, and the power of his own strength will serve him well on his path to culinary masterdom.