Happy New Year from Core Food

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Happy New Year!

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Dear Friends:

As per your interest in Core Food, and our role as an arbiter of locally grown good food, I am writing to thank you for making 2015 a very successful year.

This past year, while still adhering to our founding principles of local food and strong communities, Core Food was able host a few pop ups and establish a few relationships that saw its vision materialize in very concrete terms.

For instance, I spent most of the year working with the members of Washington, DC’s Potter’s House to repurpose the historic space, and revitalize the organization’s food program, which before utilized a “direct-offering approach” to provide food to no and low income folks and their families in the community.  Part of my task involved reorienting the program from this “direct-offering approach” to a “mixed-offering approach,” which seems more sustainable, and ultimately serves the greater interest of the café and community space.

This past August, CoreFood partnered with Gail Taylor of Three Part Harmony

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and Zachari of Good Sense to host a vegan fine dining pop-up, which while showcasing local produce also raised awareness about direct fair trade and the need to need to support local farmers.

Then, besides taking part in the 2015 Vegetarian Society of DC meet up, we also catered for the Bread for the City trainers’ network retreat; the 2015 Interfaith IftarEmpower DC board retreat, and the launch of Folio, a journal at American University.

To say the least, I am very excited about the coming year!  I will continue to count on your support as we grow as a business while doing our part in the fight against systematic poverty, and its corollary hunger.  We would need your support and guidance to find that balance.

Finally, next year, I will increase my engagement with you and the community through a blog, which I will update on a consistent and frequent basis.  I want to keep you posted on our development as a company, and I will like to share my perspectives as a chef.  But I will also be counting on your feedback and ideas to keep the conversation going. As a result of this, you might see an increase in emails, but rest assured we remain committed to not overwhelming you with spam.

Once again friends, I want to thank you for your continued support in our mission. Wishing you a happy new year 2016!


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Environmentally conscious Washington DC based chef,with a passion for the future of food.