This year will be impactful!

This year will be BIG! Last year, we were fortunate to work with some of DC’s most impactful community-minded organizations. The benefit of working with folks that do good work is that it often compels you to do more, or at least want to do more.

In the coming months, you will find the first batch of our canned veggies on the shelves of the Potter’s House.

impactful Cloudy skyline view of a developing west african city
A speck of Dakar

Of course, we plan to continue developing our direct service meal and food education program that empowers folks in the community—irrespective of their income level—to make healthy diet choices. In that regard, we will continue to be on the lookout for partners who share our values and goals. DC has to eat right!

I know that fellowship begets inspiration, but in order to broaden my knowledge of the different cuisines that make up our increasingly localized world, I am heading to the West Coast of Africa.

These days, especially in a globalized context, the chef’s task is not only to satisfy the palate, but to have a deep understanding of how culinary choices are usually a reflection of larger issues that define a place at a given time. Luckily, I have been able to link up with folks like Trio Toque, a collective that aims to reimagine what a chef is all about, but also challenges the idea of what local is in the context of globalization.

In fact, part of the task a 21st century chef is to have ally with the keyboard and screen, even though I usually feel as though someone is looking back at me through this screen. So, hello to you out in the world!  Say hello if you can hear me.

O yeah, and Senegal here I come. Let’s go!

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NB: Keep an eye out for reports on my culinary expedition in Dakar, and beyond.

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